A New Beginning

Namaste Internet, My name is Dinesh Verma and welcome to my blog. I am a Software Developer by profession and blogger by passion. I started this blog so that I can share my technical experiences and expertise with you people. So, stay tuned as some crazy content is on its way.

Before, we move forward with my plans with this blog lets spare some time and talk about me :D. As, I have already said before I am a Software Developer currently working at ZS Associates. I am a Code Monkey who likes exploring new technologies. I am also an avid reader who likes reading technology/startup blogs.

Now, its time for the moment we all were waiting for – “What can we expect from this blog?“.

If you are looking for a blog where you can find really awesome content on Problem Solving, Algorithms, Design Patterns, MVC ASP.NET, Python, Angular JS, React JS, Handlebars then you are the right place.

In coming days you will see tons of articles on the above mentioned topics on this blog and I will try to cover as much ground as a working individual can.

So, if you are as excited about this blog as I am then subscribe to our feed and yu can also follow me on Twitter.

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