How to Fix Adsense Ads Displaying Blue/Yellow Background

Adsense is a great source of income for bloggers like me. Its ads are highly customizable and offer higher CPM than its competitors. Recently, when I placed adsense ads on this blog I encountered a very peculiar problem. All the Adsense ads on my blog had a blue background.

This problem of adsense ads having blue/yellow backgrounds is not new. Initially I thought maybe its a problem with Adsense ads, but as I dig in I found out that it was a problem with WordPress theme.

Fix Adsense Ads having Blue/Yellow Background Problem

The yello/blue background that you see behind your Adsense Ads is due to some CSS settings for <ins> tag by your theme. To fix this problem all you have to do is add the below code to your style.css file.

ins.adsbygoogle { background: none!important; }

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